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I know this may seem kinda random but it's just something I need to rant about.

First off, I would like to share one of my favorite YouTube channel's with you all, h3h3productions:…

I started watching h3h3productions' videos a few months ago and I have been absolutely HOOKED ever since. The channel is run by Ethan and Hila Klein. They find the shittiest videos on the internet and Hila films Ethan reacting to them. It's not your typical reaction channel. They're hilarious and I never get tired of their stuff. 

Here is my favorite video of theirs. If you watch it, I hope it gives you a good laugh - 

So if you weren't already familiar with h3h3productions, I hope that now you have an idea of who I'm about to talk about.

They also make fun of a lot of YouTube pranksters out there, but one in particular has been filling me with an indescribable rage lately. 

If you have a Facebook, it is more than likely that you've heard of SoFloAntonio or seen one of his "videos." 

However, none of these videos are actually HIS. If you go on his Facebook page, SoFlo, you'll notice that all of the videos he uploads have other people's watermarks. To make up for this, he started putting clips of himself before each video, saying shit like "This is definitely ME!" or "This is how I feel when this happens." People started to call him out on it. All of the top comments on his posts were about how he was stealing videos. He himself would comment about 5 times on his videos to try and bury everyone else's. Eventually, he started putting the name of the video creator in his posts, giving them "credit." 

So Ethan and Hila have uploaded videos about this douchebag from time to time. But their most recent video threw me over the edge. 

Ethan made his own Facebook page, SoFloBro, which was basically making fun of SoFloAntonio. He uploaded SoFloAntonio's original content (GONE SEXUAL) with a clip of himself beforehand saying something like "This is me when I steal other people's content."

The page garnered nearly 90k likes, even more likes than the original h3h3productions' Facebook page. Ethan didn't really keep up with this page, he only posted a few videos and left it alone.

(You can probably get all of this information if you watch the video above but if you can't I'll explain it here.)

Recently the SoFloBro page that Ethan made was taken down without warning or any sort of notification. I checked it today and couldn't find it. Ethan then explains, in the video above, that each person that had liked his SoFloBro page AUTOMATICALLY had the like transferred to SoFloAntonio's page.

I did not, nor did I ever want to, like SoFloAntonio's Facebook page, but sure enough, I typed his name on Facebook and it said that I had "liked" it. I unliked it immediately and reported the page.

One of the main reasons this infuriates me is because I was forced to like something that I was so against. Not just me, but 90,000 other people. SoFloAsshole gained 90,000 more Facebook likes because of this whole thing. 

People barraged SoFloAntonio's latest "video" with comments like "I don't remember liking this page??" or "Where did this page come from??" It was because they had all liked Ethan's page, and then were forced to like SoFloAntonio's page. SoFloAntonio has since deleted this video so the comments are no longer visible. 

However, SoFloAntonio isn't the only page on Facebook that does this. I go on Facebook nearly every day and there's TONS of these stupid pages that just upload other people's content, stick captions like "THIS IS SO AMAZING" above and below the video, and bask in the millions of views they receive. Those are millions of views that the actual creator of the content are missing out on. That's ad revenue these people aren't getting. Money they won't be making. Recognition they won't be getting. They're missing out on subscribers as well. 

I typed half of this up at work but didn't finish it in time to post it. I checked back on Ethan's video to see the comments. About 3 hours ago, SoFloAntonio must have seen Ethan's video because he posted a video of his own "explaining himself" in which he claims that the videos he posts are licensed and that he is not stealing content but people like Ethan and Hila, and other reaction channels, in fact, ARE stealing content, even though they are following the guidelines of Fair Use. He also claims that people pay him to put their videos onto his Facebook page. I don't know who in their right mind would want to do this. You're paying someone to make even more money off of YOUR content. If anything he says is even true, it doesn't make sense to me. 

And if you watch this video that Ethan posted a while ago, also about SoFloAntonio, you can see that he interviews a woman whose video was posted onto the SoFlo page without permission. The interview begins at the 3:25 mark - 

So basically, I don't believe anything SoFlo says, and I will NEVER like, subscribe, or watch anything from him again. And I urge the rest of you to do the same. 

But who knows, maybe I'm wrong, and maybe there's things I don't know, but the point I'm trying to make here is that people who make their own videos for sites like YouTube need to be supported. Ethan and Hila make their living off of their YouTube channel, as do MANY other people out there. Cinemassacre (The Angry Video Game Nerd) was the first channel I remember falling in love with on YouTube, and since then, I have found SO MANY great channels. Some of my favorite YouTubers are Cinemassacre, JonTron, Filthy Frank, Chadtronic, danooct1, videogamedunkey, gradualreport, and of course, h3h3productions. These people have made me laugh, cry, learn, think, react. They have turned my absolutely awful days into good ones. They keep me going each day. They give me something to look forward to. The least I can do for them is do what I can to support them. 

Whether you like reaction videos, let's-play videos, videos of people blending stuff, videos of people breaking shit open - whatever it is, do whatever you can to support the people who make the stuff you like. Whitelist their channels on Adblock so they can get revenue from ads, donate to their Patreons, buy any merchandise they sell... help them to make more content for you to enjoy.

If you bothered to read this to the end, thank you. And I'm sure Ethan, Hila, and other YouTubers would thank you too.

I'm just super passionate about this stuff because of the impact these people have had on my life.

If you did get this far, what are some of your favorite YouTube channels? Do you like any of the ones I mentioned? 

Papa bless. 


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